Why has a half-million dollars poured into Abdullah Hammoud's campaign, including tens of thousands from outside of Michigan?

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Gary shares a light moment while taking questions from attendees at his annual Senior Citizen Conference. His 20th annual Senior Conference was held in 2018. The free events featured health screenings, vendor tables and speakers on topics of interest to seniors.


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About Gary Woronchak

Gary Woronchak is deeply rooted in Dearborn, and has been dedicated to serving his hometown for most of his life. His professional background includes more than 20 years as a journalist, most of that time as editor of the Dearborn Press & Guide, and 20 years of service to his Dearborn neighbors as an elected official. He was elected in 1998 to represent Dearborn in the Michigan House of Representatives and, after three terms as a State Representative, Gary was elected in 2004 to represent Dearborn on the Wayne County Commission. His colleagues on the Commission elected him in 2011 to be Chairman of the Commission, a position of trust and responsibility which he held for four terms, before leaving the Wayne County Commission at the end of 2018. For more on Gary's background, click here.

A leader on the Wayne County Commission

As Chair of the Wayne County Commission, Gary championed ordinances and resolutions that address serious challenges faced by the county, and provided leadership on state and national issues important to us. For more on Gary's leadership on the Wayne County Commission, click here.

Gary's accomplishments as State Rep

As a member of the Michigan House of Representatives, before being elected to the Wayne County Commission, Gary enacted important public policy that has lowered taxes, protected senior citizens, helped families save for college, increased funding for our schools, enhanced homeland security and protected working families in a difficult economy.  For a summary of Gary's accomplishments, the laws he's written and the service he's provided to his community, click here.

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Phone:  (313) 316-4391   Email:

U.S. Mail:  P.O. Box 2913, Dearborn MI 48123

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